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NEW Colorado Blues-Background Image II

I am a native Texan raised in Abilene and now call Hurst, Texas home. Texas has such great diversity; hill country, mountains, plains, forests, lakes, beaches, open horizons, hot days, cold nights and everything in between. It is this beauty and variety that makes it such a favorite subject. 

Besides photography, art and music are also a big part of my life. I  currently play mandolin in "West Bound Bluegrass", a family band out of Abilene. I have a passion for fine art and create commission portraits. My goal is to continue expanding my skills and hope to be a blessing to others and impact their lives with my artwork and images. 

I have an amazing wife of 29 years and two incredible daughters (Texas Tech and Texas A&M grads). I am also very active in my local church and have held numerous leadership positions and count Jesus Christ as the most important part of my life. 

As I travel within and outside the borders of Texas, I am always keeping an eye out for unique and special settings, textures and features that can be captured on camera, canvas or paper. Please take a moment and enjoy some of the images and art shown.